8-15-2015 Dunbar Big Bass Results

8-15-2015 Dunbar Big Bass Results

Thanks to everyone that came out. We had 8 anglers show up for a Big Bass Battle and there were some decent fish caught for a short five in a half hour tournament. Bobby Rex won his second Big Bass Battle with a good sized 17.25 inch Dunbar bass. Good job again Bobby!

Bobby2-17.25 BobbyRexBigFishWinner

We also decided to throw in a fun little side pot for free (more of these to come) to win a $20 gift card to Academy. Whoever emailed Cody a fish that was closest to the 10 inch mark without touching the 10 inch mark would be declared the winner. If there were two anglers that caught one 9.75 the winner would be decided by first email in Cody inbox. Submit them as you catch them in other words. It turns out Clay did catch one that was 9.99999 inches so the time didn’t matter and he took home the $20 gift card. Congrats Clay!
ClayGiftCardWinner Clay-Small


And here are the results for the Big Bass Battle. Still waiting on a few pics from the guys. We will add them as they come in. Bobby….sorry I drew a backwards 4 on your hand somehow. The Red Bull had not kicked in yet. I bet nobody will ever trust me with a sharpie again!

1. Bobby Rex – 17.25
2. Cody Stewart – 16.75
3. Jace Green – 16.25
4. Shane Hunter – 16
5.Clay Williamson – 14.25
6.Brad Burch – 14
7. Blake Cline – 13.25
8. Josh Alderson – 10


  • Cody Stewart | Aug 17,2015

    Nice job Big Fish Bobby Rex. I will get you next time.

  • Clay | Aug 17,2015

    Bobby found that thing on a trotline!!!

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