Lubbock City Limits Tournament Team Challenge

Lubbock City Limits Tournament Team Challenge

We have decided to add a 2 person team challenge to the Lubbock City Limits Tournament. This is 100% optional and you will not be penalized if you don’t sign up with a team. We are just trying to make this a little more fun for all. Here is how it will work.

1. Each team will pay an additional $10 at the registration. Wining team receives 100% of the total team entry fees.
2. Both team members ARE REQUIRED to compete in the individual tournament. See tournament rules and regulations here.
3. The longest fish from each angler per team will be added together to determine that teams total inches. If your partner doesn’t catch a fish and you catch three fish then your team will only get to submit one fish for your teams total length.
4. In the event of a tie the team with the overall longest fish will win. If there is still a tie the money will be split among all teams with the same size largest fish.
5. You DO NOT have to fish with your teammate as long as you both are within the boundaries defined in the tournament rules.

If you have any questions fell free to leave a comment below.


  • Kim Carson | Aug 7,2015

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    • Clay | Aug 7,2015

      Feel free to share whatever you like, and thanks for visiting

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