West Texas Kayak Fishing 2016 Tournament Schedule

West Texas Kayak Fishing 2016 Tournament Schedule

Here are the tournament dates for the West Texas Kayak Fishing 2016 Tournament Trail. We will update you all soon on the point system for Angler of the Year and entry fees etc.

1. March 12th – White River (Spur, TX) Results Here

2. April 9th – Alan Henr(Justiceburg, TX) – Results Here

3. May 21st – Oak Creek (Blackwell, TX) – Results Here

4. June 11th – Lubbock Road Runner (Lubbock, TX)

5. July 16th – Concho River (San Angelo, TX) Exact river boundaries will be published at a later date.

6. August 13th – Dunbar Lake (Lubbock, TX) – Angler of the Year announced.



  • Phillip | Dec 30,2015

    great job guys with the club. I would like to know more about your kayak club…Me and another good friend will be starting a kayak club right next door in New Mexico and would love to pick your brain on how you run your club? Please give me a call at 575-xxx-xxxx. My name is Phillip. thanks!

    • Clay | Jan 1,2016

      Thanks for the support Phillip! Good luck!

  • Brooks lundgren | Jan 1,2016

    Can’t wait !!

  • Brooks lundgren | Jan 2,2016

    so is just a one fish limit type of thing like the longest fish wins or do you catch as many as possible and just add up all the inches

  • yakinjunkie | Feb 19,2016

    It will be a 5 fish limit and yes you add up the inches. You have to take a picture of each fish on a Hawg Trough measuring board (they usually have a couple at Cabelas). Then tournament director will add up everybody fish at the end of the day and announce winners.

    • Carter Nelson | May 29,2016

      Are these team tournaments?

      • yakinjunkie | May 29,2016

        No they are not.

  • Ray Bland | Feb 28,2016

    i would love to get in a torney or 2 …do you have a years worth of Kayak torney posted on the dates

    • yakinjunkie | Feb 28,2016

      Ray. These are 2016 dates that you see above.

  • Darren | Mar 8,2016

    Hey Clay could you please contact me at pfdff@hotmail.com Thanks !!!! Darren

  • Mitch Wilkerson | Mar 19,2016

    Is the concho river tournament april 2 or april 23, ive seen both? Interested in joining. Thanks!

    • yakinjunkie | Mar 19,2016

      These are two different tournaments. The team tournament on April 2nd is being ran by some anglers in San Angelo. The official WTKF tournament is on April 23rd. Stay tuned here for info on the April 23rd tournament.

  • John | May 14,2016

    I want to go to the Oak Creek tournament but need all the information. Can you put it on the website or email ?

  • TONY DIETZ | Jul 22,2016

    Any word on the Eastern NM tournament date and time yet?

  • KAREN TOWNSON | Oct 12,2017

    Can you supply me with the information for the tournaments in 2018 ?

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