Lubbock Largemouth Kayak Fishing

Lubbock Largemouth Kayak Fishing

I moved to Lubbock in Feb of 2009 and never wet a line in Lubbock City Limits until 2014. Even then it was almost by accident. In the spring of 2014 my brothers and a good buddy mine made our yearly excursion down the Guadalupe river in Kerrville, Texas USA. Our rental kayaks that year were horrible to say the least. Sitting in a pool of water for an entire day is not enjoyable. Although fishing with family and friends makes it tolerable I sure did’t want to do it again the following year. When we got back home I vowed to never be that uncomfortable for an entire day of fishing again. So the research began on what kayak I had to have before next years trip. During my kayak research is when the proverbial snowball started rolling downhill. Before long I found a few forums where people had mentioned there were largemouth being pulled out of some of the Canyon Lakes around town. There is not a ton of information about kayak fishing in Lubbock or in West Texas for that matter on the internet. Here at West Texas Kayak Fishing we try to help out anybody that is willing to put forth a little time and effort get into the sport of kayak fishing or just catch more fish without driving 2 hours and paying boat ramp fees. I don’t think any of us will ever spill the entire can of beans on our honey holes, but rest assured there are plenty of fish in Lubbock that are very kayak friendly. Lets not kid ourselves though… you probably wont pull a Texas Sharelunker out of these lakes any time soon, but I can almost guarantee you if you spend any amount of time on this website, but more time in the seat of your kayak, you will be able to put yourself in a favorable location to catch some largemouth in Lubbock City Limits.

If your interested in getting into some competitive kayak fishing be sure to check out our tournament trail for 2016 here. You don’t have to enter the tournaments to fish with us either. Just come out and meet some new people and fish with somebody.

Also don’t hesitate to create an account in the forums and introduce yourself or just chat it up. Chances are you will find a fellow West Texas Kayaker on here willing to brave the heat, wind, rain or snow and catch a few fish.


  • Clay | Sep 23,2015

    Good stuff, maybe I’ll share my story sometime. There’s no doubt that Lubbock has a respectable largemouth population and if we take care of the fish then it will only continue to get better.

  • yakinjunkie | Sep 25,2015

    You should it was half your fault I started fishing in the 806 area.

  • iambradym | Sep 25,2015

    Hey gents. So I have really been researching kayak fishing and man does it look like a blast. I live in Odessa, so a kayak seems a little more justifiable than buying a boat and some of the kayaks I have seen tricked out are awesome. I just found WTKF on youtube and it’s awesome that there is like a little competitive action.

    As I get ready to pull the trigger, maybe you guys have some advice? I am going to get a FeelFree Lure 10 or 11.5. Possibly putting a Lowrance on it. I am open to any advice or suggestions on what other gear you guys recmmend to someone who is new to the kayak scene.

    • Clay | Sep 30,2015

      Hey Brady, Sorry I missed this but glad to hear your getting into the great sport of kayak fishing, I always tell people that the seat is 90% of what you want to look at when getting a kayak. You will be spending 4 hours plus in this chair and you want it to be comfortable. Check us out on Facebook if your into that stuff too.
      Welcome to WTKF.

  • Timothy W. Pothier | Nov 14,2016

    Really good stuff! I checked that, seems like 2016 fishing tournament has been finished. I’m interested to take part on the next event, and can you let me know, when this tournament will happen again?

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