2015 West Texas Kayak Fishing Finale October 24th

2015 West Texas Kayak Fishing Finale October 24th

Price: 100% Free
When: Saturday October 24th 7:30 am captains meeting.
Start: 7:30 am captains meeting
End: 12:00 pm lines out of the water.
Limit: 5 fish limit 10 inch minimum
Where: Dunbar Historic Lake Lubbock Texas.

We will be hosting one more WestTexasKayakFishing.com tournament for 2015 to show our appreciation. Every event we have seems to attract a few new anglers. We are all super excited about the 2016 trail! Thank you to all the guys that continue to come from New Mexico to Midland to Amarillo, you guys and gals never seize to amaze me. Driving all those miles to fish in good ole Dunbar Lake. We promise to have a few different lakes next year that you can swim actually swim in as well.

This will be a different format than our usual. It will be a 5 fish limit (10 inch minimum) tournament that is 100% free. The angler with the most inches will receive ONE payed entry fee for next years WestTexasKayakFishing.com 2016 trail. There will also be at least 2 (as of right now) FREE raffles during weigh ins. One is a Yeti Rambler and the other a gift card to one of the local sporting goods stores.

There will be an optional big bass lure side pot for anybody that wants to participate. Bring one new in box/bag lure and whoever catches big bass takes the bag of lures home.

Thank you all and hope to see you on October 24th


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