San Angelo Team Tournament

San Angelo Team Tournament

First off this is not an official WTKF event, but we are all super excited to see more West Texas tournaments popping up. Make sure you read official rules here as they could change from the time they were pasted below (I will try and keep them updated if they were to change). You must be logged into Facebook to see the post. The submissions will all be via Facebook as well.

If you are able to make this event I can almost guarantee you a good time. It is on a stretch of the Consho river close to town with plenty of hotels/camping within 5-10 minutes of weigh ins and launch sites. When I lived in San Angelo I fished this exact portion of the Concho pretty regularly. This is actually the stretch of the Concho river that enabled my addiction to kayak fishing. I never caught any “huge” fish in this river, but I know they are there. I did however have hours and hours of fun and caught a decent amount of fish for not knowing what I was doing. I still don’t know what I’m doing I just try to keep my line wet and that seems to increase my odds of catching a fish.

Here is a map of the boundaries for the tournament. I will be adding launch sites that I have personally used as time permits.


If you don’t have a team member join Kayak Anglers of West Texas (KAWT) Facebook group or leave a comment below and I bet you can meet up with somebody willing to fish.





Entry fee: $40 per team ($20 per angler)
Big Bass fee (optional) : $10 per angler
Payout is Winning Team Takes All Cash! 2nd and 3rd get prizes.

Registration is done online on the Double Take FaceBook page. Pay on site at Happy Trails at check in (CASH ONLY!). Unique Identifiers will be issued after team has signed a waver and paid.
Team Check in is at 5:00 am to 5:55 am. Anglers will be released at 6:00 am and first cast is at 6:30am.
This is a roadrunner tournament so once your team is released, you may drive to any legal launch on the south concho river between Lake Nasworthy Dam and Bell Street Dam. You can launch and be on the water before 6:30 but no fishing until the official start time of 6:30 am

Team must have a name (your choice but keep it clean)
Each member of the team is responsible for two (2) black bass 14″ minim. Total inches of all 4 fish will be the teams total.
All of the designated fishing waters will be off limits from March 28 through April 2 at 6:00 am.
Catch and Release only!
Artificial Lures only. (No trolling)
One line in the water per competitor.
Hawg Trough required (raised and darkened lines)
This is a CPR tournament (Catch Photo Release)
Fish must measure 14″ with mouth closed. Mouth open fish will be deducted 1/4″
Fish will be submitted in real time in private message to the Tournament Director for approval. Once approved the fish will be posted on the Double Take FaceBook page. Ties will be broke by the time the fish was submitted.
PFD must be worn at all times.
All state and local laws do apply.
Cell Phone usage between teammates IS PERMITTED.
Human Powered Vessels only! No trolling motors.

Stop fishing at 3:00 pm.
If both team members fail to check in at weight in by 3:45, team will be disqualified. No exceptions! No excuses!
Weight in is at Happy Trails Outdoor Goods and More on Nickerbocker next to the bowling alley.


  • Michelle Magill | Mar 18,2016

    What is the date of this tournament?

    • yakinjunkie | Mar 18,2016

      April 2nd. Sorry. It is in the image but not the article. Do you have a Facebook account? Check out all the details via the Facebook links in the article.

  • mwfisher7 | Mar 19,2016

    If you don’t have a facebook account can you just register at Happy Trails?

    • yakinjunkie | Mar 19,2016

      I have asked the Tournament Director on Facebook if you have to have a Facebook account to compete in this one. I will let you know what is said.

    • yakinjunkie | Mar 20,2016

      All you have to do is announce your team on the Facebook event page. So if your parntner doesn’t have a Facebook page let me know your names and a team name and I’ll try and do it for you.

  • mwfisher7 | Mar 20,2016

    Mitch Wilkerson
    Jon Calcote
    Team Priority
    If this doesn’t work my wife has a facebook and she can enter our team for me. Let me know what is easiest for you. thanks

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