WTKF 2016 White River Results

WTKF 2016 White River Results

Winner winner one fish stringer….

First of all I am still amazed that every event we see more and more new faces show up to fish. We cant say how thankful we are that so many of you spend your Saturdays driving hours and hours to fish these West Texas waters. As Clay stated at weigh ins… “You all are the ones that make this possible”. Thanks Again!

And now for the results…
Congratulations to Shane Hunter for landing this toad and close to $450 bucks for 1st place and Biggest bass in one cast.

1st Place and Big Bass – Shane Hunter ($336 and $110 respectively)
2nd Place – Brent Daniel ($96)
3rd Place (Tie) – Casey Billingsley and Earl Rife ($24 each)

Congrats to 12 year old Merrick Slayton on fishing in his first kayak fishing tournament. We hope you had fun! He was awarded a $20 MasterCard gift card because we love seeing young ‘uns on the water. He and his dad also traveled the furthest and won a $25 Bass Pro gift card for the “Long Haul” award.

Man was I ever wrong about predicting the total length in this tournament. According to all the chatter at the boat ramp during weigh ins it was an all out grind today. It sounded like a lot of dinks caught, but nobody was able to find more than one fish that measured. The weather just did not cooperate as it was in the mid 50’s to low 60’s all day and the sun just never came out.

Give this lake about one to three more weeks depending on the weather and fish should be on their beds. As you can tell from the pics below the females are full of eggs and ready to explode. This has to be the world record fattest fish under 20 inches! She weighed in at just over 6 pounds. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Estimating Weight Chart she should have been around 22 inches.

All of you that did fish the tournament feel free to tell us about it in the forums here.


  • Darren Elrod | Mar 13,2016

    Although the weather was rough, fishing was tough and it was an early morning drive—-We had a great time meeting everyone and enjoyed the opportunity to fish with WTKF group!! Looking forward to fishing with everyone again!!!!

    • yakinjunkie | Mar 13,2016

      Thanks for coming. Glad you had a good time. It was good to meet you too. Hope to see you around.

  • Mike Teegarden | Mar 14,2016

    Way to go WTKF, great turnout. Sorry I missed this one, but hope to see you all Oak Creek and maybe at Alan Henry. Congrats to the winners.

    Mike T

    • yakinjunkie | Mar 14,2016

      We hope you can make it to both of those (if not more).

  • Ryan Barnwell | Jun 5,2016

    Hi I just wanted to show you a link to a video from today at White River. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlj1vULjSsc

    • yakinjunkie | Jun 6,2016

      Awesome job man. Congrats! Looks like y’all had a fun day.

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