2016 Lake Alan Henry Tournament Details

2016 Lake Alan Henry Tournament Details

Here are the details for the West Texas Kayak Fishing Alan Henry Tournament. Please make sure to read all the rules here before the Captains Meeting and bring up any questions or concerns at that time. Remember Hawg Trough measuring boards are REQUIRED.

Time: Captains Meeting 6:30 sharp. See the fish icon on the google map below. GPS Location 33.04881, -101.08383
Weigh ins at 3:00.  You must be in line at 3:00 pm or you will be deducted 1/2 of an inch per 5 minutes you are late and disqualified all together if not in line at 3:20.
Fish can have open or closed mouth.
Entry Fee: $30
Big Bass: $10 (optional)
There are fees to fish here and those ARE NOT INCLUDED in tournament fees. Here are the fees that the City Of Lubbock will gladly take from you with cash or credit/debit card.

Fishing Report Here since everybody is getting all tight lipped around this time.

Please be prompt on the boat ramp as there will be power boats waiting on us to get out of the way. Get your kayak ready at the top of the ramp and turn off your headlights when backing down ramp so others are not blinded. We are going to try and move things along quickly after the tournament for those that traveled hours to come fish. We want you home as early as you can be. Feel free to hang around afterwards if you can to hear how many “almost” stories you can count.



  • Clay | Apr 4,2016

    AH has been letting loose of some giants lately, I hope someone gets one on Saturday.

  • Darren | Apr 5,2016

    Hey Clay you might share this, I’m sure everyone knows that Alan Henry is a slot lake but just in case: For largemouth and spotted bass there is no minimum length limit. Combined daily bag limit for all species of black bass = 5 fish. Up to 5 largemouth or spotted bass may be retained; however, only 2 may be less than 18 inches. Also they have a Fish consumption advisory in effect due to Mercury levels if anyone is wanting to keep Catfish or Crappie.

    • yakinjunkie | Apr 6,2016

      @Darren Thanks for the info. We will let them know at captains meeting. This is a CPR only event so no fish should be kept at all.

  • Robert | Apr 5,2016

    Do we pay the entry fee at the Captains meeting?

    • yakinjunkie | Apr 5,2016

      Yes pay at the captains meeting. Hopefully someday we will have a pay and register online before you go.

  • John | Apr 5,2016

    Is there anywhere to get the Hawg Trough in the Lubbock area?

    • yakinjunkie | Apr 6,2016

      Try Cabelas. They sometimes have them.

    • yakinjunkie | Apr 6,2016

      Give me about an hour or so. I will run up there and see. I need a few things anyway.

  • yakinjunkie | Apr 6,2016

    Cabelas is out of them. They get a truck in tomorrow. I’ll call them in the morning and they see if they receive any. If I forget the part number is 00004926 and the sku is 809579563462 and their phone number is 806-472-4300

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