Big Bass Challenge Tuesday April 26th

Big Bass Challenge Tuesday April 26th

Come out and enjoy another Big Bass Challenge get together next Tuesday April 26th at Dunbar historic lake in Lubbock Texas USA. This is a very laid back evening of fishing that we hope will encourage newcomers to come out and fish with us. Entry fee is $10 and winner takes all. Of course you don’t have to pay to play. Just come out there and fish for fun with us if you don’t want to enter the challenge. 

I (Cody) will hand out identifiers and starting aprox. 5:30pm and the lines out time will be 8:15pm. Please be courteous and make your way back to the ramp as soon as possible for weigh ins. 


  • Clay | Apr 20,2016

    Hope I can go, it’s been a while since I went to Dunbar, and it’s always been good to me.

    • yakinjunkie | Apr 21,2016

      When will you know if your going to be there?

  • John | Apr 25,2016

    Save me a spot! I’ll be there as close to 5:30 as possible.

    • yakinjunkie | Apr 25,2016

      I will wait on you. Give me a call at (786)KAY-AKTX if you have a change of plans. Otherwise I will see you there.

      It’s going to be pretty windy (supposedly) but hey we’re in the Hub City right? If we stayed home when the wind blew we would never catch a fish.

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