May 3rd San Angelo Big Bass Challenge

May 3rd San Angelo Big Bass Challenge

Hello San Angelo! West Texas Kayak Fishing will be hosting a Big Bass challenge on Tuesday May 3rd. This will be a $10 entry fee and biggest bass takes the pot. These are very laid back events targeted to get people into tournament kayak fishing. Remember don’t feel obligated to pay to fish in the tournament if you don’t want to. We are all out here to fish for fun. Here are the rules for those that do want to compete.

I will be at the Bell Street ramp at 5pm to hand out identifiers and go over rules. You can begin fishing as soon as you get an identifier and have heard the rules. I plan on starting to fish myself around 5:30ish. If your going to be later than 5:30 give me a call at (786)KAY-AKTX (786-529-2589) and I will be glad to wait or arrange for you to get identifier.

Fish can be photographed open or closed mouth and must be measured on a hawg trough measuring board with entire identifier in the photograph. 1/2 inch deduction for fish lip not clearly being bumped against lip board.

Anglers must be at the Bell Street ramp by 8:15 at the latest to submit fish.
You have to launch from the Bell Street ramp. I will be at the ramp from about 4:30 until 5:30 to hand out identifiers.

Click on the map below to see the boundaries and launch spot.



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