2016 Lubbock City Limits Roadrunner Details

2016 Lubbock City Limits Roadrunner Details

On June 11th WTKF will be hosting the Lubbock City Limits roadrunner event that was a big success last year. For those of you thinking Lubbock and Bass fishing don’t belong in the same sentence you will be surprised. Last year we had at least 4 anglers register 40+ inches with a 3 fish limit. This year it is going to be a 5 fish limit and should even the playing field and possibly make being in the money come down to an inch or less.

The boundaries are you fish anywhere in Lubbock city limits that is public water with the addition of Buffalo Springs Lake. There is a mud volleyball tournament that weekend so be prepared for a busy Buffalo Springs lake. If you have any questions about questionable waters please feel free to leave a comment below.

The captains meeting to go over all the rules will be at 6:15am sharp in the parking lot of Cabela’s. Click here for map. Please try to be there by 5:45 to fill out appropriate paperwork for registration.
The weigh ins will be at Buffalo Wild Wings on 19th street. You must be inside the door by 3:30pm or you will be deducted 1 inch for every minute you are late and disqualified after 10 minutes.
Fish pictures can have open or closed mouth. See rules below for more info on picture requirements.
Entry Fee: $30
Big Bass: $10 (optional)

All the rules can be found here. Please read all of these in their entirety before captains meeting on June 11th.

Hope to see you all there and tight lines.


  • Valerie | Jun 8,2016

    Please define “public water”, we had some drainage ponds in mind that are in the city limits.

    • yakinjunkie | Jun 8,2016

      You can NOT fish in a private pond surrounded by private land. If you need permission to fish on that water by a landowner or your trespassing then it’s illegal water to fish in. Golf courses ponds and playa lakes owned by home owners associations with no fishing signs are illegal.

      Fish must be landed while the angler is in a the kayak and no bank fishing is allowed.

      All anglers are responsible for knowing and obeying the laws and regulations for the water they decide to fish.

  • Darren | Jun 8,2016

    What about Alan Henry ???

    • yakinjunkie | Jun 9,2016

      Alan Henry is out of Lubbock city limits and therefore not legal waters for this tournament.

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