WTKF and Yak4IT Tournament of Champions

WTKF and Yak4IT Tournament of Champions

We have some great news for those wanting to expand their kayak bass fishing tournament experience across Texas.

@Yak4IT Tournament of Champions has extended 5 invites to automatically qualify our top 5 anglers to fish in the main event of the 2016 Tournament of Champions on legendary Lake Fork on November 5th and 6th 2016.  This tournament is open to the public to fish your way into by the way of the “Open” event on November 4th 2016, but if you finish in the top 5 of WTKF Angler of the Year points you will be able to skip the “Open” and fish on Saturday and Sunday for some serious cash. In 2015 the first place angler took home $12,000 cash! This is higher stakes very high reward tournament. The entry fee for the main event is $200, but you might need to hire Brinks armored vehicle services to transport your winnings back to West Texas.

We will keep you up to speed as more information becomes available, but be sure to join TOC Facebook page and frequent their website at http://www.yak4it.com/toc.html for latest news.

Anglers that earn the invite via WTKF trail are still responsible for the $200 entry fee. By earning these invites you get to skip the one day “Open” that the public must fish in order to compete on Saturday and Sunday.

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