2017 Alan Henry Results

2017 Alan Henry Results

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Congratulations to Lance Reynolds on out fishing 51 other anglers on what proved again to be a tough day at Alan Henry. He was able to land 3 fish for 50 inches and had one more that was not score-able due to fishes tail off the board in the picture. So he didn’t just win yesterday he won by a minimum of 12 inches. That is pretty impressive on a lake full of spotted bass around the 12 inch mark. Not only did he out fish everybody he also won the @MissleBaits prize pack of some awesome soft plastics. Congrats again Lance and hope to see you at Oak Creek (Facebook Event) in a couple weeks.

Congrats to the other anglers that were able to find a few fish. As it turns out 2 fish could have earned some $ yesterday. Here are the payouts and prizes awarded to the top 6 anglers and one lucky winner of the @Brady Packing Store – Post Texas $30 gift card. We sure hope @Russ Whitesides enjoyed some cold beverages after that long windy day on the water.

1st Place – Lance Reynolds – $936
2nd Place – Shane Hunter – $265
3rd Place – Angel Garcia – $125
4th Place – Clay Williamson – $78
5th Place – Valerie Grant – $78 – Big Bass – $480
6th Place – Danielle Merritt -$78
Full list of Lake Alan Henry Results Here.

Thank you all again for coming out and hope to see you at the next event at Oak Creek on April 29th.

Here are some pics of the winners and a few of the weigh ins. Thank you Phillip for snapping the pics.



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