2017 West Texas Kayak Fishing Angler Of The Year - Shane Hunter

2017 West Texas Kayak Fishing Angler Of The Year – Shane Hunter

Congratulations Shane Hunter on one heck of a year and earning the WTKF 2017 Angler of The Year along with an awesome Feel Free Lure 11.5  donated by Happy Trails Outdoor Goods & More. If you didn’t read all the hype going into the last event for the AOY race you can find that article here. Although Shane and Daniel both did well in San Angelo tournament (Daniel took 5th and Shane finished 14th) that had 45 anglers competing, Daniel was just 11 inches from forcing a tie breaker and a fish off for the Championship.

Shane started off the year with a win at the biggest event WTKF has ever had to date. He beat 63 other anglers on Lake O.H. Ivie and never looked back. The next two tournaments he finished 2nd on Alan Henry and Oak Creek. Some might have just called it quits there and rode out the win (which he could have done), but that is not what happened. Shane was one of only 6 anglers to compete in all 6 events and he cashed a check in all but two events. Even at the two events he didn’t place in he still went home with a prize of some sort. At Mackenzie he took home some Yak Attack swag and at San Angleo he had to make room in the back of his truck for the new Feel Free Lure 11.5 provided by Happy Trails Outdoor Goods & More.

Here is a breakdown of Shane’s winning year and a few pics of his prizes that he won kayak fishing the WTKF trail. Please congratulate him in the comments below as he put together a very impressive year against some stiff competition out in West Texas. Congrats again Shane on leading the Angler of The Year from start to finish. That is impressive!

O.H. Ivie – 1st Place
Alan Henry – 2nd Place
Oak Creek – 2nd Place
White River – 8th Place
Mackenzie – 2nd Place
San Angelo – 14th Place


  • Shane | Jul 27,2017

    I would like to start off saying thank you to Cody Stewart for putting these events together and making a fun trail to fish, I had a lot of fun fishing this year, learned a lot, and met a lot people that share my passion for fishing. Also thanks to Happy Trails for the new ride, can’t wait to get it slimmed!

  • Brandon Utley | Aug 10,2017

    Huge thanks to Cody Stewart and Happy Trails and all the the awesome sponsors this year. So good to meet so many good people who have made this one of the friendliest tournament trails I have ever fished. Can’t wait to see what next year holds for us!

  • Anthony white | Feb 7,2018

    Good job man on your year.keep it up and them lines tight.

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