2018 Lake Alan Henry Results

They don’t call him the Lumberjack for nothing. 3 wins in 3 straight Saturdays!

First of all thank you all for showing up on one of the toughest fisheries in Texas and congratulations to Layne Grant, Eddie Morris, Chance Carr, Clay Willamson and Travis Perry for finishing in the top 5.

You won’t hear Layne Grant brag about stomping a mud hole in everybody from West Texas to Eastern New Mexico the last three weeks so we are going to have to do that for him. If there was a Kayak Fishing Fantasy League there is no doubt Layne would be a top pick on almost everybody’s team.

If you think he just showed up in the kayak tournament fishing scene its probably because he is probably one of the most humble, laid back and calm, individuals I have ever met. On April 15th Layne started a winning streak on Champion Creek by besting more than 50 other anglers by 1.25 inches. Then on April 21st he headed a little further west across the border to Lake Santa Rosa in Eastern New Mexico and won by 3.75 inches. 7 days later on April 28th he absolutely destroyed the competition on Alan Henry by 8 inches by managing to find those elusive Alan Henry largemouth. If this pattern continues the rest of the field could be in for a world of hurt on June 19th when WTKF goes back to Oak Creek where Layne has already taken home the win back in 2016. Congratulations Layne on one heck of an impressive roll.

2018 Alan Henry Results

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