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2017 West Texas Kayak Fishing Angler Of The Year – Shane Hunter

Congratulations Shane Hunter on one heck of a year and earning the WTKF 2017 Angler of The Year along with an awesome Feel Free Lure 11.5  donated by Happy Trails Outdoor Goods & More. If you didn’t read all the hype going into the last event for the AOY race you can find that article here. Although Shane and Daniel both did well in San Angelo tournament (Daniel took 5th and Shane finished 14th) that had 45 anglers competing, Daniel was just 11 inches from forcing a tie breaker and a fish off for the Championship.

Shane started off the year with a win at the biggest event WTKF has ever had to date. He beat 63 other anglers on Lake O.H. Ivie and never looked back. The next two tournaments he finished 2nd on Alan Henry and Oak Creek. Some might have just called it quits there and rode out the win (which he could have done), but that is not what happened. Shane was one of only 6 anglers to compete in all 6 events and he cashed a check in all but two events. Even at the two events he didn’t place in he still went home with a prize of some sort. At Mackenzie he took home some Yak Attack swag and at San Angleo he had to make room in the back of his truck for the new Feel Free Lure 11.5 provided by Happy Trails Outdoor Goods & More.

Here is a breakdown of Shane’s winning year and a few pics of his prizes that he won kayak fishing the WTKF trail. Please congratulate him in the comments below as he put together a very impressive year against some stiff competition out in West Texas. Congrats again Shane on leading the Angler of The Year from start to finish. That is impressive!

O.H. Ivie – 1st Place
Alan Henry – 2nd Place
Oak Creek – 2nd Place
White River – 8th Place
Mackenzie – 2nd Place
San Angelo – 14th Place

2017 San Angelo Results

Wait….pump your brakes kid! Before the 2017 San Angelo Road Runner event the largest 5 fish stringer that was turned in was 86.25 inches by Corbin Craft at the 2017 Oak Creek Tournament.  Then on July 22nd during the Road Runner event held in San Angelo these were the top 6 stringers (of five fish each) turned in.

  1. Brandon Utley -93.25 = $810 for 1st & $450 for Big Bass & $200 prize pack see below for details
  2. Lance Reynolds – 89.75 = $230
  3. Stephen Sonnenberg – 89.5 = $108
  4. Layne Grant – 88 = $68
  5. Daniel Merritt – 78.75 = $67
  6. Blake Neatherlin – 77 = $67

Let that soak in for a minute…..

Congratulations to Brandon for absolutely destroying it on a hot summer day that pushed the mercury into the triple digits and turning in what could hold up as the biggest #WTKF stringer for the foreseeable future. His stringer was anchored by an absolute toad that had to be over 10 pounds and almost tied the record for biggest fish ever caught  in a WTKF tournament (See Jensen Phipps 25.75 inch record here). Brandon also had a 15+ inch smallmouth bass which in itself is pretty rare considering the boundaries of the San Angelo Tournament.  Not only did he win over $1200 in cash, but he also earned a $200 prize pack that includes $100 entry fee for the TOC open and 2 nights stay courtesy of Scenic 515 Cabins on Lake Fork. Congrats again Brandon for job well done on a day that proved to be pretty darn good.

Congratulations to the rest of the field as well. San Angelo has a lot of good fish that can be difficult to catch on hot summer days. You all did a fantastic job of showing us what the Concho River and surrounding areas have to offer. Thank you Happy Trails for letting us use invade the much needed AC and your storefront for the weigh ins.

Here are the full results for the 2017 San Angelo Tournament.

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San Angelo Slug Fest 2017

I know there is more on the line at the last event of the 2017 #WTKF trail, but who else is pumped about the Angler of The Year race coming down to the last event of the year with the top two anglers pretty much controlling their own destiny. Don’t forget about the two TOC $200 gift cards and the one $100 TOC gift cards that will be handed out as well. I don’t think there is anybody out there that saw the AOY coming down to the last event after the commanding lead Shane Hunter started off with this year. Whoever wins the AOY title and the new Lure 11.5 presented by Happy Trails Outdoor Goods & More is definitely deserving of it. Take a look at what these anglers have done this year so far and tell me they wouldn’t have earned every bit of the title.

I know both of these anglers have had limited time (if any) on the bodies of water that are legal in the San Angelo Road Runner coming up on Jully 22nd, but I have no doubt they will both find fish. The question is who will be able to take the pressure when it is all on the line and turn in the biggest sack to claim the crown.

Here are the scenarios that could cause some fireworks and a possible fish off for the title of 2017 WTKF 2017 Champion.

Here are the scenarios that would cause a fish off for the AOY.

  1. Shane finishes 1st and Daniel finishes 2nd.
  2. Daniel finishes 3rd and Shane finishes 2nd or worse.

Here are the scenarios that would seal the deal for Shane.

  1. Neither angler finishes in the top 3 and points would remain the same or unchanged.
  2. Daniel Finishes 3rd or worse.

Here are the scenarios that Daniel would need to sneak by Shane.

  1. Daniel win 1st and its all his.
  2. Daniel finish 2nd and Shane does not win.

Also on the line at the 2017 San Angelo Road Runner are two paid TOC entry fees for the top two anglers of the year. One might think that these two guys above have it in the bags but don’t count out Layne Grant. He might think he is flying under the radar, but I see you down there. With a win he could bump Daniel down to third and a 2nd place finish would force a fish off for the $200 TOC entry fee prize.

Then we also have the $100 entry fee for the TOC that also includes 2 free nights at the Scenic 515 Cabins for the angler that finishes in the highest place, but is not in the top 5 in AOY race.

If you are around the San Angelo area (or your Facebook feed) on July 22nd come by Happy Trails Outdoor Goods & More to see how this will all unfold. We will try to live stream the weigh ins for those of you that can’t make it by the store. Make sure and follow us on Facebook for all the details on that.

Don’t forget to register for the San Angelo Event by going here and filling out the forms. It’s easy and takes just a few seconds.

July 22nd San Angelo Road Runner – WTKF 2017


Please Pre-Register if you have not done so already. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY NOW. Everybody pays at the tournament. This is to help speed up the registration process.

If there are boat launch fees or lake fees (Twin Buttes now has an entry permit. See TPWD website for details on how to obtain this permit) that are the responsibility of the angler and NOT included in the WTKF fees.

Map with pins of legal fishing area linked here. If you have any questions about boundaries please address them before the tournament or at the captains meeting. You must use public access to launch your kayak. You can not use private property to launch your kayak. If you have any doubt about what is private or public please address this with the tournament director before the tournament date. Comment below and we will get back with you ASAP.

Entry Fees: $30 entry and optional $10 big bass.
Registration begins: 5:00 am
Captains Meeting Time: 5:20 am
Captains Meeting Location: Happy Trails Outdoor Goods & More
Legal fishing areas: See shaded areas on this map.
Weigh Ins: 4:00 pm (Same location as Captains Meeting)

For those new to kayak fishing tournaments read this article on what to expect on tournament day.

Make sure you read the rules and you are on time. Be courteous on the boat ramps/launch spots and get in and out of the way ASAP.

Stay tuned to this page for any further details and make sure to follow the Facebook event for unofficial details and possibly meet up with others at the event.

2017 Lake Mackenzie Results

Wow was I ever wrong about the prediction of biggest 5 fish stringer ever caught in a WTKF tournament. There was a storm 2 nights before the tournament and when I got to the lake on Friday night everybody seemed like they had caught some fish during prefishing. However I believe the full moon combined with the bluebird sky’s and 25ish mph wind all day on tournament day made the bite really tough. It ended up being a really tough day for everybody and a 3 fish stringer ended up winning the tournament.

And with that being said congratulations to Daniel Merritt for winning his second tournament in a row during a really tough day of fishing. Not only has he won 2 in a row but has fished 4 events this year and never finished below 6th place. It looks like it is going to come down to the last fish of the year to see who wins the brand new Feel Free Lure 11.5 and payed entry to the Tournament of Champions on Lake Fork. Make sure you come out and see the showdown in San Angelo on July 22nd to see who will be taking home an extra kayak.

AOY Leaderboard

Download the 2017 West Texas Kayak Fishing Mackenzie Lake results here.

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