Glad you asked… Check out this article to see how a typical tournament goes.

No. But if you do not have one you will have to wait until the determined time to launch your kayak. The Tournament Director will announce this designated time during the Captains Meeting the morning of the tournament.

First sign up for an account (its free). Then find the tournament you want to compete in and register for it.

There are a lot of tutorials here on the iAngler Video’s section of their website. Here are a couple important ones.

Using the iAngler Tournament Mobile App on the water!

2017 Enhancements to the iAngler Tournament Mobile App

Hint: We recommend saving your username and password in your phones notes in case you have to uninstall the app during tournament hours. This will prevent you from having to do a forgot password reset and wasting time.

Yes. We will be there to assist in getting your fish uploaded if you have any issues. Don’t forget to send the links to your friends and family to keep up with your success (assuming you submit fish before the last second). Here is the link to first tournament on 2019 Schedule at Lake O.H. Ivie

Yes. Not only do you have to have one you have to wear it at all times during the tournament. If there is any question about when the tournament hours are just sleep in it Friday night and take it off when you go to bed Saturday.

Since the term “Kayak” can be used pretty loosely these are just examples of what vessels we have determined will not be allowed to compete. This is strictly due to keeping it a kayak fishing tournament and not necessarily because these vessels have any kind of advantage over a standard kayak.

If you have any doubt if your fishing out of a legal “kayak” contact the Tournament Director before the day of the tournament.

  • NO Belly boats or fishing tubes
  • NO Blue Sky vessels
  • NO Ultra Skiff 360’s
  • NO Bass Busters or Bass buggies
  • NO Jon boats

Yes SUP are allowed.

AOY is short for Angler of the year…. AKA BAD MAMMA JAMMA! Think you got what it takes? Bring it!

Entry fee is $40 per tournament. You must pay this through iAngler. If you are having issues signing up for an event please contact the Tournament Director.

A side pot for biggest bass will be $10. This must be paid during registration the morning of the tournament.

Hawg Trough measuring device is the only permitted. You can get one here.

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