2018 – Bag 0 Brutes



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Bag O Brutes is a side pot that 100% of the payout* will be awarded to the angler with the most inches from their largest 5 fish all year long. You can catch 5 big fish at one event or 1 big fish at each of the 5 events (or 5 big fish in 2 events) and win this side pot.


You must purchase your Bag O Brutes ticket before you begin accumulating inches for the year. For example if you decided to buy into the Bag O Brutes before the second tournament of the year your fish from the first tournament would not be counted towards the Bag O Brutes side pot. This will prevent anglers form seeing how they do throughout the year before buying into the side pot at the end of the year.

* 100% will be paid out after paypal fees are applied.


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