Stringer Forecast

What is “Stringer Forecast”?
It is a contest held for each West Texas Kayak Fishing tournament where the anglers can guess what the total length of the Captains stringer will be at the weigh ins. It will be like the price is right where the closest person to guess the captains length within a 1/4 inch will win the prize for that week. The prize will be posted in the Facebook post.


  1. Guess the total length of the captains stringer to the nearest 1/4 of an inch WITHOUT going over. If there is a tie then the first person that commented will be the winner.
  2. You must comment on the Facebook post for that week. Make sure you “Like” the West Texas Kayak Fishing page so you don’t miss out on the post. The post must be before the tournament starts.
  3. You must be present at the weigh ins to win. You don’t have to be fishing in the tournament, but you must be in person to claim the prize.