April 29th Oak Creek Reservoir – WTKF 2017


Please Pre-Register if you have not done so already. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY NOW. Everybody pays at the tournament. This is to help speed up the registration process.

If there are boat launch fees that are the responsibility of the angler and not included in the WTKF fees.

Map with pins of ramps and meeting locations.

Entry Fees: $30 entry and optional $10 big bass.
Registration begins: 5:30 am if you dont pre-register. 6:00 if you have pre-registered.
Captains Meeting Time: 6:30 am
Captains Meeting Location: I70 Boat Ramp. (32.05593, -100.29914)
Legal Launch spot: Only legal launch spots are the 3 ramps listed here on Texas Parks & Wildlife page.
Check in Time: 3:30 pm

For those new to kayak fishing tournaments read this article on what to expect on tournament day.

Make sure you read the rules and you are on time. Be courteous on the boat ramps/launch spots and get in and out of the way ASAP.

Stay tuned to this page for any further details and make sure to follow the Facebook event for unofficial details and possibly meet up with others at the event.


    1. I just emailed you your registration number. Don’t worry about it. We can look it up the morning of tournament.

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