2018 West Texas Kayak Fishing Schedule

We are also still working on the Angler of The Year Prizes and partners for the 2018 year and we will keep you up to date as we secure sponsorship’s and prizes for the 2018 Season.

One partnership that we are very excited to announce is that we will be hosting a Kayak Bass Fishing partnered event on the 2018 schedule. This is a huge step forward in the development of Tournament kayak fishing in West Texas. More details to come on what all this includes as soon as we get them all ironed out.

  1. March 3rd – Lake O.H. Ivie 
  2. April 14th – Champion Creek Reservoir (Lake is pending a fish survey in Fall 2017)
  3. April 28th – Lake Alan Henry – Kayak Bass Fishing partnered event (KBF)
  4. June 9th – Oak Creek Reservoir
  5. July 14th – San Angelo Road Runner